Valparaiso, a rainbow of many colors

Our city has a unique quality that makes it different to the other cities in the world, its unique geography has taught us to live our lives differently, the life of the “porteño”, the porteño that goes up and down the colorful stairs, that scream whit every victory of the local football team and speak whit the unique lenguaje of the port, our port, the port of the world.

For these and many other reasons Valparaiso was declared “World Heritage” by the UNESCO in 2003,in which not only recognizes the architectural value of the city, but also the lifestyle of its people, which reflects the real Cultural Heritage.

The Jewel of the Pacific has managed to captivate all their visitors, from the child who first meets the sea, to the traveler who has been all arround the world, but never found a place like this.

From all over the world have come visitors who were fall in love of the city, and have made their home in Valparaiso, bewitched by the charms of this colorful cultural landscape.

Valparaiso is an outdoor museum, a cultural and artistic heritage of Chile, where it blends the past with the future, the result of immigration and heritage that has the sensuality of a warm port..

We invite you to Valparaiso, our Darling Harbour, which has something to offer to each one of its visitors.