Hotel Da Vinci Valparaíso is in the street Urriola 426-428, with the street that divides Alegre and Concepción hills. This location is close to several attractions in the city, such as the heart of the financial area, where cafés and restaurants of various types are as well as small boutiques and souvenir shops. On the other hand, is to step plan and financial center, metro station and other attractions.

Important Notice

The closest street with direct connection to us is Almirante Montt, for which, as we will indicate on the map, you would have to continue a few blocks, climb Almirante Montt (Plaza Anibal Pinto), in Cerro Alegre has a direct connection to the Urriola street (street where it is located our hotel), and leave your car a few meters up and walk to the hotel.


Directions from Santiago
1•Merge the Way Valparaiso Route 68. Continue until you reach the entrance of Valparaiso.
2•The entrance road to Valparaíso is called Av. José Santos Ossa, and ends in a sharp curve. After renamed Av. Argentina.
3•Follow Av. Argentina to reach the street Chacabuco. And turn left.
4• Continue on to Plaza Victoria Chacabuco. Proceed right and enter Salvador Donoso.
5•Follow Salvador Donoso until the end of the street and turn right, taking street Bellavista.
6•Scroll down until you reach the traffic lights, where the Blanco Street. Here turn left.
7•Continue on Blanco Street to meet Pasaje Ross, and there turn left.
8•In Pasaje Ross, reach the end of the street and turn left and take Esmeralda.
9•Continue to Aníbal Pinto Esmeralda square and turn right. At the fork, go up the right, which is Almirante Montt.
10•Follow Almirante Montt, to meet a sign indicating the direction of Cº Alegre and Cº Concepción. Here turn left, direction Cº Alegre.
11•Continue on Almirante Montt, and take the first right hand, which is Urriola.
12•Lower approximately 400 meters. Hotel Da Vinci Valparaiso is to the left.