Your budget hotel in Cerro Alegre - Valparaíso

Located in the heart of the financial area between Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción, one of the best locations in Valparaiso, close to the best restaurants, bars, small cafes and viewpoints of the city. Stay in the heritage area of Valparaiso and understand why it has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.


Porteño style worthy of the heritage area Valparaíso

Our house dates from the early twentieth century, were once two residences, which through a process of remodeling joined shaping the now proudly call our hotel. For this remodeling we prioritize the conservation of the original aesthetic lines of the “porteña” home: wood warmly welcomes, the skylight that illuminates naturally place and the characteristic decoration of the “Porteños” and Italian families.


Personalized, close and efficient service

With only twelve rooms, and a custom style, close and efficient service, makes our guests feel at home.
For us the most important is to provide the best service to our visitors, we are always willing to help where needed, guiding tourists during their stay with us.


The best price / value

Our cheap prices without sacrificing quality have earned us be considered within the group of "Top Bargains in Chile" Index, that is one of the best "Best bargains in Chile". An opportunity to not lose it.


Tour Operador de Valparaíso: Ecomapu Travel en nuestra ciudad patrimonial de Valparaíso tours libres por convocatoria, los primeros en Chile, y tours privados por toda la ciudad patrimonial
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