Conference Room

We are a Boutique Hotel located in Calle Urriola 426, in full heritage area of Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso. Our house dates from the early twentieth century, were once two residences, which through a process of remodeling joined, shaping those now proudly call our hotel. We have 10 rooms, all with private bath, other common areas and a lounge for up to 20 people for events and meetings. His architectural charm, natural light and tranquility will donate a unique space to develop different kinds of events and meetings.

Our salon "Da Vinci" is ideal for training sessions, business meetings, and sales presentations. You also have the option to lease only the "Da Vinci" living and / or enjoy the convenience of staying with us.

The rent of the room can be for half a day, for 9-14 hours with a coffee break; or full-time, 9-21 hours, including a coffee break in the morning and another in the afternoon.