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Hotel Da Vinci

It is located in the heart of the financial area between Cerro Alegre and Concepción, steps from the best restaurants, bars, small cafes and viewpoints of the city. Our house dates from the early twentieth century, were once two residences, which through a process of remodeling joined shaping the now proudly call our hotel. For this remodeling we prioritize the conservation of the original aesthetic lines of the “porteña” home: wood warmly welcomes, the skylight that illuminates naturally place and the characteristic decoration of the “Porteños” and Italian families. For us the most important is to provide the best service to our visitors, we are always willing to help where needed, guiding tourists during their stay with us.

Laboratorio Creativo

A space for artistic creation where artist and for Wandering Workers and travelers may create, study, relax and share in the comfort of their private room. and large common area.

The proyect LAB00 finds it’s genesis in the necessity of a space where art, the territory and the traveler can coexist and coincide.
Valparaiso is a special city, patrimony of UNESCO, rich in art and culture. At our house you’ll have the oportunity to fully enjoy this atmosphere. Also, we are open to artist who want to stay a long period of time and develop artistic or (cultural) research proyects.

Fono: 56 32 3174494  Urriola 426/428, Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso – [email protected]


Event & restaurant Da Vinci

With only twelve rooms and a personalized style, close and efficient service, WI-FI access throughout the hotel and cozy common areas make our guests feel comfortable, ideal for small formal ceremonies.
It is a pleasure to introduce to you our intimate ballroom "Da Vinci" and our kitchen in Italian style.
We have a small lounge with architectural charm and natural light that can accommodate up to 20 people.
Work meals are instances that lets you meet with your boss or co-workers in a more relaxed atmosphere. Take advantage of this escape from the office to lead a productive discussion and lunch offers the perfect opportunity to do it.
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